Submission Guidelines


So, you like Guilty Gear and want to feature your work in a fanzine? Our submissions are open until April 14th, 2023 (Midnight MDT or UTC-6)! Free and digital for all!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Guilty Gear, I'm compiling a fan anthology zine! But rather than just featuring fanart and fanfics (which is still more than welcome!), I'd like to build a people's history of the franchise which includes non-fiction and personal stories from the perspective of Guilty Gear players. Have a collection of weird, rare Guilty Gear ephemera? Or a weapon prop you're really proud of? We'll be featuring that, and more, in this issue!

This issue is themed: "A Future to Strive For"

Release Date: 14/05/23

We are looking for the following content:
Fanart (traditional, digital, 3D models, experimental, etc)
Written fiction pieces (general SFW fanfics, poems, etc.)
Written non-fiction pieces (personal essays, history of the meta, interviews, etc.)
Cosplay photography
Mixed media and collage
Do not send in:
NSFW or explicit content. (We understand that there are suggestive elements in the series and review submissions on a case by case basis. In general though, no sexual content.)
Excessive gore/violence
Shipping/romance centered pieces (That being said, character interactions and explorations are greatly encouraged!)
Heavy AU and canon-divergence.

Page Specs

1 full page: 2100 by 2100 pixels, 300 DPI, RGB color profile
2 page spread: 2100 by 4200 pixels, 300 DPI, RGB
Layout Pieces: You can also submit miscellaneous transparent art pieces that won't fit on a full page. 2100 by 2100 pixels or under, 300 DPI, RGB.
If you want to submit traditional art, make sure you send in a clean scan that is formatted to fit the dimensions provided.
Written pieces must be between 500 to 2000 words long. Please adhere to the word count, it's a wide range for a reason!
Submit your piece in a .DOCX file, 12-point and a clear font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc.)
If you are submitting an essay that involves research, include a list of references. This is not included as part of the word count.

Depending on the number of submissions, we will do our best to include as many as possible, barring submissions that are generally inappropriate (thematically or otherwise). This zine is 100% free and digital only, so please keep this in mind before you consider sending something in.

If you have any questions, you can shoot them my way via:

art by miel128