Ky Kiske and Dizzy are two characters from the long-running fighting game franchise Guilty Gear. Ky was first introduced in the original Guilty Gear (1998), while Dizzy made her first appearance in Guilty Gear X (2000).

KY KISKE is the deuteragonist of Guilty Gear and rival of Sol Badguy. Initially, he is a hot-headed and stubborn young man with an obsessive pursuit of justice. Despite his "goody-two-shoes" appearance, Ky can often be rash and foolish. Over the course of the series, Ky mellows out with age, transforming into a mature father and king. That being said, Ky's stubborn streak never truly disappeared. He's more than willing to disturb the peace if he must.

DIZZY is the daughter of Justice, a powerful Gear who initiated a century-long war against humanity. Her immense power stands in contrast to her gentle heart. Unlike her mother, she wishes to do no harm and has spent much of her life in isolation within the "Forest of Demons". Do not mistake her caution and apprehension towards humans for passivity. Slowly but surely, Dizzy ventures out into the world, learning for the first time what it means to truly live, rather than just survive.


In Guilty Gear X, Ky and Dizzy find themselves on two sides of a century long war. While the war had come to a close six years prior, wounds are never so quick to heal. Dizzy represents the haunting spectre of Justice, Commander Gear who is responsible for the destruction of mankind. And Ky embodies the violent hand of the Holy Order, determined to cut down every Gear in their path. Despite this, the two first encounter in Dizzy's grove—her isolated home—when Ky is dispatched to investigate the presence of a pacificist Gear.

"Does being prepared to protect someone mean being prepared to hurt someone else?" Dizzy asks Ky. The nature of power is a precarious one. Both understand what it means to lose something and the responsibility that comes with fighting for what one loves.

From Accent Core onwards is when their relationship picks up the pace. After spending some time living aboard the Mayship with the Jellyfish Pirates, Dizzy moves in with Ky. She is enamoured with his kindness and accompanies him to see more of the world she was once sheltered away from. Spending their days together in domestic routine, Ky and Dizzy fall in love, get (unofficially) married and have a son, Sin.


I like Ky/Dizzy for a few reasons. For one, I like both of their characters individually, from design and personalities that I resonate with. Ky was one of the characters that first stood out to me when I picked up -Sign- in 2015! And Dizzy, for her part, is super cute. She is shy and reserved, sure, but fierce in her own way.

Not only that, but I love the way Ky and Dizzy compliment and parallel each other. I'm endlessly fascinated seeing how their relationship progressed from the XX era to where we are now in -Strive-. Even though they initially represent to opposite factions, they can come to an understanding over their protective instincts. Ky's eventual transformation into a Gear connects to the love he feels for Dizzy and Sin.

And they even share blue and yellow as theme colors, how cute is that?